Where we sail ?

We sail over Mediterranean Sea, the islands of Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Malta and Gozo. With us you can circumnavigate the small islands, lagoons and visit beautiful bays.

While on board, you can enjoy amazing views, sun and fresh sea air, ports, delicious local dishes and tourist attractions.

Sailing our catamaran is a true comfort combined with a sailing atmosphere and relaxation, both on board and at stations in the beautiful bays of azure water and unblemished sandy beaches.

Our offer is adapted to your needs. If you do not know exactly which route you expect, we will plan it for you, and our skipper will take care of both your experience and safety.







Sardinia is mild rainy winters, and summers are hot and dry with a guarantee of 300 days of sunshine a year. Rocky island, where there is a lot of inlets, deep bays ideal for diving, beautiful islands and shallow lagoons. Rustic winds create pleasant conditions for sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing. On the island live original inhabitants Neuris, interestingly most 100-year-old men from all over the world live among them.

Being in Sardinia, you can try local specialties such as roast suckling pig fresh from the campfire and some of the oldest wines in the world from a strain of Cannonau – maybe this is the secret to the longevity of the indigenous people? It is worth visiting the Costa Smeralda and the beautiful buildings Algherro Catalan also called “Little Barcelona”, while in Barumini can see the ruins of the most ancient living culture of Sardinia before the almost 4 thousand years. However, the most interesting place is the peninsula of Sinis considered the wildest and most unblemished area in Italy.

Sardinia, Cala Gonone

Sardinia, Arbatax

Sardinia, Porto Conte

Sardinia, Goloritze


Corsica is known as the Isle of Beauty. It’s the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. Strait of Bonifacio separates it from situated 12 km south Italian island of Sardinia. It’s surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and dense forests. One of the most beautiful beaches is Rondinara, which in 2015 was in the ranking of the best beaches in Europe. This touristic pearl of the Mediterranean attracts with it’s incredible nature.

In the mountainous interior of the island (the highest peak of Monte Cinto counts 2,706 m. asl), occupies 40% of the Landscape Park. Huge swathes of the island covered by fragrant shrubs and wild flowers – Maquis. Corsica is full of the picturesque villages and towns. In one of them was born Napoleon Bonaparte.

Corsica, Strait Bonifacio

Corsica, Piana


The largest of the islands in the Mediterranean, attracting sailors true Mediterranean climate. Strong winds appear from all directions, but in the summer can be very sunny and rainless. Stormy weather is most likely in the winter. In the north of the island is situated the capital of Palermo, intersected by the two major streets – Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda – through which extend the main tourist attractions eg. Piazza Bellini, where there are three ancient churches of the twelfth century (La Martorana, San Cataldo and San Caterina).

Another city that is considered the pearl of Sicily is Taormina. It attracts a lot of tourists since there is a high hill by the sea, where you can also admire the panorama of the still active volcano Mount Etna. Worth recommending is also Agrigento, with its ancient objects from the fifth century BCE, eg. The temples of Zeus, Hercules and Hera in beautiful circumstances of nature.

Siciliy, Taormina

Siciliy, Taormina

Siciliy, Favignana

Malta i Gozo

The picturesque island, surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean, in a beautiful ancient maritime zone, within a short distance from Sicily. The surrounding waters, unpolluted by industry, are among the cleanest in the Mediterranean, and when in the caves on the south coast comes to their connection to the riot of lights, effects are breathtaking. In Malta prevails dry and warm Mediterranean climate variation. The average summer temperature is approx. 30°C, and water can then be up to 25°C.

On the rocky shores of Malta we find charming coves, rocks and shards of stone grotto. Difficult to access and steep descents beaches, wrap are crystal and clear sea. The most attractive beach is sandy Golden Bay with sand-colored gold. In addition to beautiful scenery, tourists are attracted by the rich cultural heritage and history, proved by numerous monuments. Especially worth seeing beautiful stone temples, which are among the oldest free-standing structures in the world.

Malta, Mt Carmel

Malta, Valetta

Malta, Blue Window